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Boost House spotlight on: James Ganas



When is your birthday (day/month/year)?
my birthday is December 15, 1993.  

Where are you currently located?
i currently live in seattle, Washington, usa. 

Which people have influenced your creative work the most?
I’d say…in short…Barbara kruger, roy Lichtenstein, jenny holzer, mark Rothko, chris burden. I take more inspiration from visual and performance art than from conventional literature, I think 

Why do you write?
um…I write out of a need for emotional catharsis, I think. but I think that is a somewhat dangerous reason to write. I think literature, art, etc. have a certain social responsibility and purely cathartic work can often be quite selfish. so I think catharsis is my initial reason for writing, but I’m also interested in how people perceive different forms; I’m interested in advocating for a more liberating version of what literature can be and do.

Favorite planet/celestial body?
the big dipper, I think. it’s one of the only ones I can make out. 

What is your educational background?
well, I graduated from high school in 2011 and was enrolled at eastern Washington university during my last two years of high school. for the past three years I’ve gone to the university of Washington in seattle. I’m majoring in English and political science and minoring in art history.

Early bird or night owl?
definitely night owl. most nights I go to bed at ~5 AM.

What is your current occupation?
currently I work as an undergraduate research assistant for the political science department. basically I help with this giant research project that tracks how often certain types of legislation is proposed in the US congress. looking for a second job, just turned in a resume at a frozen custard place. if you live in seattle, give me a job.

What’s the most recent text message you sent?
“hey dude I think I lost my key can I use yours sorry”—I lost my house key last night 

Tell us an interesting story about your family/childhood.
I remember like…when I was a little kid, maybe 7 or so I guess, my dad really wanted to see the sequel to that movie “the mummy”…the sequel was called “the mummy returns I think.” I’ve never met someone so into those mummy movies as my dad; he was so pumped to see it. so I’d never seen a movie in theaters before, but we went…and got popcorn and all of that…and then as the movie was starting I started getting really scared. but not even because anything scary was happening in the movie, I was just freaked out by the scale of the projection on the wall, like I had never seen a movie that big. so I told him I had a stomach ache and couldn’t sit through the movie (this was during the opening credits), and he was so sad. I felt really guilty for lying so I cried in my closet for the rest of the afternoon lol.

What song you have listened to the most in the past year?
according to my itunes top 25 most played, “palace” by a$ap rocky. I really like that song because it starts out with this huge bass thing and a$ap rocky starts rapping pretty much immediately like “uh god damn, how real is this? I know the whole world gonna be feeling this!!!!!!” it’s a very exciting song.

Have you had any particular life experience that has strongly impacted or informed your writing?
I don’t think so haha. I write…maybe it’s not very obvious but I think I write about girls a lot…lol

What subjects do you most often engage with in your creative work?
I don’t have any very consistent subject matter, I don’t think. but maybe…if I think about it…I think I engage political and social responsibility, death, curses, desperation, and the vapidity of communication…lol…

What things are you most passionate about politically/socially?
ultimately I am most passionate about income inequality. I could go on a long thing about this, and I won’t…but I’d just like to tell a quick story. in Washington state, we have legalized marijuana and gay marriage, so I see this attitude in a lot of my friends, like this one girl I knew said recently “damn Washington, we’re the best, look at all of this.” but as it turns out Washington actually has the most regressive tax system of any of the 50 states, meaning that poor people pay a higher percentage of their wealth in taxes in comparison to rich people than in any other state. so if you are gay or smoke weed Washington is pretty good, but you better not think about being poor and gay, or poor and smoke weed. we hate poor people here. it’s sad. I think…given the social climate it is quite easy to be pro-gay marriage and pro-marijuana legalization…and I don’t want to diminish those things at all, it is easy to be in favor of those things because they are so clearly, plainly correct (excepting critiques of the broader institution of marriage, which I think are interesting and valid. but I mean on the level of how the mainstream thinks about these issues)…I think it is disappointing that young people don’t seem to care about how shitty poor people have it. and…I don’t know…there are tons of blogs dedicated to social justice, like on tumblr, you know…but I feel like issues of class struggle are under-represented in that environment. to my knowledge there is no jezebel for class.

So, what do you want for your birthday?
I don’t know…lol…a girlfriend and a different apartment and a job. that’s what I want


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Thursday // April 3, 2014



Is That a Sick Cat In Your Backpack?

I took a picture of this YA book from a 4th grade class

Judging it by the cover and nothing else, it seems to be about a disturbed child who carries around a decomposing dead cat in his background, insanely trying to convince other people that ‘he’s just sick’

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'Draft Day' by Drake


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The Book of Crimes

Had an idea to write something called ‘The Book of Crimes’ (at some distant point in the future, I want to work on other things right now) 


1) Armed robbery of a bukake porn shoot
2) Throwing hammers at construction workers
3) Passed out drunk in a ditch 
4) Harassing customers at Applebee’s while dressed like the joker
5) Shitting in neighbor’s backyard pool
6) Parked in the middle of an intersection 
7) Using counterfeit money at toll booths
8) Making bomb threats on a public bus
9) Wearing inappropriate see-through clothes
10) Stabbing vampire goth to death in shitty night club bathroom 
11) Peeing on cop cars
12) Attempted arson in bedding & decor section of Walmart 
13) Screaming about the Illuminati conspiracy downtown
14) Playing ‘highway to hell’ by AC/DC too loud
15) Drunk and disorderly, drinking whisky during church service
16) Beating friend to death for drawing penis on face
17) Attacking police car while wearing a sombrero and one boxing glove
18) Filling a plastic bag with the contents of 44oz dr pepper, tying the bag around your head and hanging upside down from a pull up bar until you drown (suicide is illegal)

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Pee Stream of Consciousness


I made a joke last night

Had fun talking to my girl Paige Gresty about James Joyce and internet stuff

I highly recommend Paige, she’s one of my favorite humans on the planet

check out this beautiful ebook she wrote
& this beautiful video
I love this beautiful story in particular


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'Clara' by Roberto Bolano

I reread this — one of my all time favorite short stories

Francisco Goldman read this story for the New Yorker podcast

Text is here

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